Lete by Sakana

"Sakana", a Japanese band, finished their 34 years activities in 2018. "Lete" is their 4th album released in 1991.Their music at that time were like a twisted bossa nova, so I loved them. I think this album is perfect for those who are new to Sakana music.

JOY by Tatsuro Yamashita

'JOY' is Tatsuro Yamashita's live album released in 1989. In this album, he covers Mariya Takeuchi's 'Plastic Love'. She is his wife. What a couple!To be honestly, I like his live performance than his records. It is so overwhelming. I recommend you to go to his concert, but it is hard to get the ticket unless you are a member of his fan club.

Sandal by Tama

'Sandal' is Tama's first album released in 1990 and remastered in 2012. Four singer-songwriters had consisted the band. Their songs were ingenious, weird and beautiful.You may listen to some of Tama's songs on YouTube. 'さよなら人類' (Sayonara Jinrui, means 'Good-bye, Human Race') was their debut single. Sandal includes the original version of it.